Reasons for Confession

Here are helpful links to various pleasures in this life.  (Hushed Aside: of course, if taken to excess, they may create need to visit the confessional.)

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Static Positions. According to this video from The Golf Channel, holding the correct stationery position for ten seconds equates roughly to 100 practice swings and has helped many to improve.

Phil Mickelson on bunker shots.

Hitting Down on Irons. A drill that apparently has produced good results with students of this instructor. View Video



An Affirmation on Cigar Smoking.  A view on the morality of smoking a good cigar from G.K. Chesterton, one of the preeminent Catholic writers of the 20th century. Catholic Cigar Dude Blog Post

Instructional Videos Library. The following link takes you to the Cigar 101 page of Cigars Afficiando. You can scroll down to find a video on “Golf Gadgets,” where you can learn how best to combine two of the best earthly pleasures at the same time. Other videos help you to select a good cigar, how to properly cut and light a cigar and more. Clicking on the “Drinks” tab can help you better combine two other sinful pleasures. Cigar Cinema



For Greater Glory: Trailer – Movie Review –


The Avengers: Trailer – Movie Review; how ’bout that, the morale of this story is, ahem, being humble ––The-Avengers.aspx.



J.R.R. Tolkien: Truth and Myth. An account of Tolkien’s belief in finding divine truths in myth, an idea that helped convert C.S. Lewis to Christianity, and an abiding love for a mother who gave all to help her sons keep the Catholic faith.

The Convert.  A short poem by G.K. Chesteron.

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