Story behind the design of our website

The banner image is an attempt that I, your inexperienced administrator for this site, have made to recreate a certain mental image. Not too long ago, I found myself lying awake, at night, in a hospital room. It was an unaccustomed place for me, not having spent such a night since I was one year old. Blood clots in a lung were the reason for the more recent stay.

In meditation and mild prayer, with eyes closed, a vision took shape. There was a broad, low blackness that stretched out in front of me, and I had the sense that it represented death. Behind it, and barely protruding over its edge, was a light. It gave me the sense of the life after this. It also carried the sense of the presence of God.  It was far off, but had an attractive element to it, like a place to which everyone would want to go.

That was all, and it did not last long. It was not the reason for this site. This site had been in the works long before that. It does seem to me, though, a fit image for the message of this site. Be humble, for there are things and a One much bigger than us.  A lack of humilty blocks our understanding of that. An acceptance of it opens the way, eventually, to the peace He wants for all of us.

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