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LENT – 2019
This Lent, in accordance with past practice, we will make a
new posting each day concerning the Real Presence in the Eucharist.
The postings will either be a new story or a reflection on the Blessed Sacrament.
April 21, 2019: Happy Easter
April 20, 2019: We Adore and We Praise
April 19, 2019: Conversion 1900 Years Earlier
April 18, 2019: Visit Jesus Often, Or Not
April 17, 2019: St. Francis Borgia
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Chaplet for the Love of Souls

A prayer for our times

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This site is about faith. This site is about God. This site is about peace. This site is about rejecting all the influences in this world that tell us to rely on all things human.  They tell us that we no longer need God, that we can rely on ourselves for all we need or that we can decide for ourselves the truths about God. This site is for all those who want something more, who feel that something is missing and are ready to ask “what have I not been asking myself?”

The things we cannot see with our eyes can be found when we look with our hearts. Once we begin to do that, obstacles we have built up over the years begin to crumble, and we begin to feel for others in the ways we are meant to feel.

We begin to see His ways instead of our ways, we begin to feel love for others and we begin to feel His love for us.

It all starts when we humbly admit we can do nothing without Him and open ourselves to let Him in.




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