Prayers for Austin

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Please pray for my son Austin as he seems to be depressed. He has no interest to leave the house,
to see friends, and all he wants to do is play computer games and sleep.
He told me that he regrets not having a father around 24/7 from when he was a baby to now that
he is 16. Please fill the empty places in his heart with wholeness, love and healing, and peace.
I pray that he gets motivated, that he finds passion in something good, that he becomes
respectful, responsible, obedient, and stops being lazy.
I pray he goes back to church also. Please have him find good and faithful friends, and a
nice girl companion also.
Please help me be patient with him.

to Ray

November 17, 2012 by · 1 Comment
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Ray, you have been the our guide and our inspiration for three+ years. May the Spirit continue to inspire and prompt you in directions that glorify God and strengthen us.

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