December 2, 2017

St. Gertrude and the Discreet Walk

Once, St. Gertrude was about to receive Communion and received the sense that Jesus was there, inviting her to a banquet in heaven. She was even to sit near the Holy Father and eat at His table. Embarrassed at the state of her dress, and deeming herself too ill-prepared for such an honor, she tried to leave. She was intercepted by Jesus Himself, however, who took her to a separate place where He could prepare her. He washed her hands and offered His Passion for her, cleansing her of all her sins. Then, He gave her a necklace, bracelet and rings. Once again, He beckoned that she go to the feast table, walking discreetly this time, without pride at her highly adorned appearance or stature.

She then had an understanding of the meaning of all this. There are those who receive forgiveness and acceptance by the Lord, but yet do not live under the grace of it. They continue to treat others with antagonism, trusting in their own judgments and ways of thinking, and not fully relying on Christ to lead them. That is something available to those who understand what they have been given and may yet receive.

Source: St. Gertrude, and a religious of her monastery, The Life and Revelations of St. Gertrude the Great (Charlotte, North Carolina, Tan Books, 2010) p. 169 – 170.


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