March 30, 2019


In 1954, Chief F.R.A. Marinho was a student at St. Gregory’s College and was assisting at Mass. The presiding priest was Fr. T.J. Moran, the principal of the college. It was a “Sodality Sunday,” meaning that all the students has to attend, no matter what their religious affiliation happened to be. He was a witness to the following.

It seems that, at the time for Communion, another one of the students came to the altar rail and received the Eucharist. When the Host was placed on his tongue, he slumped to the ground and began to foam at the mouth. Fr. Moran removed the Host, and the boy recovered. The boy again presented himself to receive, and the priest, thinking the first occasion might merely have been an oddity, gave him the Eucharist once more. Again the boy began to foam at the mouth and lose control of himself. Again, the Host was removed, and again the boy instantly recovered. Fearing that the boy might be malnourished, the priest gave instructions that he be taken to the school dining hall and provided some food. He then consumed a serving of breakfast bread and tea without any ill effects.

It was then learned that the boy was a Muslim cathecumen who had not yet received the sacrament of baptism.

Source: Mbukanma, Fr. Jude O., Power in the Bread (Clifton, VA, MET Publishers, Ltd., 1994) p. 114-115.


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