December 7, 2018

With Arms Spread Wide

A man named Jason, husband, father of several young children and a convert to the Catholic faith, recently told the story of a Mass from a few months prior. He had been sitting in a pew near the music section, where the benches and kneelers were not all uniform in length. As knelt on the floor at the time of Communion, his wife commented to him that he was kneeling in a spot where people would have to walk around him a little. Feeling a sense of devotion more than anything else, to the Presence of the Lord before him, he remained without moving.

He then saw something with his mind’s eye, so to speak. He describes seeing in a way that differs from that which we normally experience with our eyes, but one in which an image of what was happening was clearly and dramatically presented to his consciousness.

He saw Christ on the altar itself, the table that had just been used for the consecration, standing with his arms spread wide. The figure was of One welcoming and inviting all to draw near. Then Christ looked directly at Jason, walked all the way to him, and placed His hands on Jason’s shoulders. At that moment, He was suddenly gone.

The whole experience lasted a minute or two.

Later, his wife noticed that he was unusually quiet for the rest of their time in church and during the ride in the car. She asked if something had happened to him at Mass. He did not fail to share it with her, and later still, to a few friends.


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