December 1, 2019

Marion Carroll

It was 30 years ago when Marion Carroll went to visit the Marian shrine in Knock, Ireland. 110 years before that, it was the site of a 2-hour apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist and the Lamb of God.

Carroll went to the shrine very ill, but, in her words, she “didn’t go to Knock that day for a cure.” For 17 years, she had been battling multiple sclerosis. For the prior 2 years, she had been suffering from recurrent kidney infections. At the time of her trip, she was completely paralyzed, was blind in one eye, had very little vision in the other, “couldn’t “talk right and had epilepsy. Carried on a stretcher to the place where Bishop Colm O’Reilly would pass, she received a blessing from him with the monstrance holding the Holy Eucharist.

“He held it up and blessed me and I got this beautiful feeling – it was a magnificent feeling – and then the whispering breeze telling me that if the stretcher was opened that I could get up and walk … The only way I could describe it is like a whispering breeze. If I could paint it, it would be like a meadow with soft grassw blowing gently …”

She remained in the stretcher while Mass was said in the basilica. Afterwards, she was taken to St. John’s Respite and Care Centre in Knock. She asked the nurse to open her stretcher, and the nurse said later she did so merely to humor Carroll.

As soon as the stretcher was opened, her leg swung to the ground and she “stood straight up and didn’t even feel stiff.” Her voice returned and she had full use of her arms and legs. She was completely healed.

After 30 years of inquiry, the medical bureau at Knock, headed by Dr. Diarmuid Murray, concluded that there was no medical explanation for her recovery.



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