March 3, 2017

Graduation Day

It was graduation day for Larissa. She had finished her years in grammar school. In her home, she was upstairs getting ready for the ceremonies; her mother was downstairs ironing her dress. They were preparing to go to their parish church, where there would be Mass and then the graduation formalities.

Suddenly, Larissa heard her mother scream. She raced downstairs to find her mother holding an ice pack on her arm. There was a huge burn mark that extended from her wrist to her elbow. Many people would have, with disappointment, nonetheless gone to the hospital at that time. Not Larissa’s mother. She simply instructed here daughter to get ready, because “Jesus is waiting.”

Larissa’s mother had not grown up Catholic, but had converted some years earlier. Clearly, she had a deep and sincere faith about His Presence in the Eucharist.

During the Mass, Larissa prayed very hard for her mother. After the graduation, Larissa and her best friend posed beside the Tabernacle for Larissa’s mom to take their picture. It was then that Larissa noticed her mother’s arm. The large burn mark was gone. There was not even a blister.

From that day on, Larissa not only had a much stronger understanding of His Presence in the Blessed Sacrament but also that He is a “real, live, breathing, loving Lord” who is “still showering us with miracles of love.”

Source: “The Lesson I Learned at Eighth Grade Graduation,” McMaster, Larissa, The Spirit of Adoration, ed. June Klins, Issue No.3, Erie, PA,


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