April 11, 2019

These Souls Are Safe Now

On Sunday, February 20th, He spoke to Sr. Josefa after the Consecration: “Tell Me what you have to offer Me for the souls I have confided to you. Put it all in the wound of My heart, so that your offering may acquire an infinite value.” She replied that everything she did was for those souls, and as He requested, began to list what she did: her holy hours, her little mortifications and penances, the suffering of the Crown of Thorns, every breath she takes, her work, her fears, her weakness and nothingness, everything she did and thought. She told Him that all of this was, “little indeed.” He came back at the 9:00 Mass, saying “these souls are safe now, deep in My Heart.”

Source: McHugh, Joan Carter, My Daily Eucharist II, (Lake Forest, IL, Witness Ministries, 2004), entry for February 5, with an excerpt from The Way of Divine Love by Sr. Josefa Menendez.


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