December 12, 2016

Sr. Mary Claude’s Accidental Acquaintance

Sr. Mary Claude, who, in 1967, belonged to the Congregation of the Holy Cross, in Montreal, Canada, wrote a letter to Catholic author John Haffert. The letter included the following story.

Along with another nun, Sr. Mary Claude had gone to visit a sick parishioner. Mistakenly, they showed up at the wrong house. The woman who met them at the door, however, invited them inside anyway. She posed various questions to them about the Catholic Faith and, before they left, inquired about continuing to learn more. In the ensuing weeks, the woman was willing to accept all that was being taught except for one thing, the concept that Christ was actually present in the Eucharist.

The Sisters then made a suggestion, that she should attend a Benediction, and when the Host is held up before the people for adoration, she should “ask God to help you believe in the Real Presence.”

A week later, the Sisters met the woman again and asked what she thought about the Benediction. The woman replied, “He was beautiful. ”The Sisters inquired further and the woman claimed to have seen Christ Himself, that He had left the monstrance to give His blessing to the people and then had returned when the priest went back to the altar. She also said that she “saw His wounded side through His pure white garment and marks of the nails on His hands and feet.” She was actually surprised when she was informed that her experience was not normal.

Up to her death some years later, the woman never budged from her story. She was also never satisfied with any picture she saw of Christ. She would say, “He was much more beautiful than that.

Source: Haffert, John, The World’s Greatest Secret (Asbury, N.J., The 101 Foundation, Inc., 1985) p. 157-58.)


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