March 17, 2013

When the Blessed Sacrament was Carried Past

Jeanne Tulasne suffered from spinal tuberculosis. By the age of 19, it had caused the destruction of 2 or 3 spinal vertebrae, marked curvature of the dorsolumbar spine, a bone abscess in the left thigh, muscular atrophy and clubfoot. These symptoms were certified by her doctor on August 7, 1897.

On September 8, 1897, she participated in a Blessed Sacrament Procession at Lourdes, France. The Archbishop of Tours, her own diocese, carried the monstrance. Suddenly, she felt cured. She rose from the couch in which she had been lying, to the astonishment and cries of the crowd around her.

She was examined the next day at the Medical Bureau of Verifications. She was re-examined the next year. The doctors confirmed the cure as complete, sudden and lasting. In 1906, the Archbisop, Mgr Rene Francois Renou, appointed a Canonical Commission. It recognized the cure as miraculous. Afterwards, the Archbishop himself stated that the miraculous cure happened “when the Blessed Sacrament was carried past her.”

Since 1858, there have been 67 cures that have been confirmed as miraculous. They are the ones where the evidence is beyond question. The case of Jeanne Tulasne is one of them.

It may still be said, however, that her case is no reason to believe. It may be said that her prior diagnosis, with 5 pronounced conditions, made only one month before, was mistaken. It may be that her cure was caused by some mental or natural power of her own, which is neither known nor explicable. It may be that the timing of her cure, contrary to testimony from the time, had no correlation to the procession with the Blessed Host.

It may also be, however, that the Lord Himself is present in the Blessed Eucharist, as He told us.

This Lent, let us know and be comfortable with His Presence among us. Let us not approach or receive Him with doubt. Let us speak to Him as we would if we could see Him in person. He is, in fact, there before us.


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