March 6, 2018

The Rap on the Door, Followed by a Rap on the Door

St. Clement Mary Hofbauer was sent to Warsaw, Poland. He lived there on very meager means with his two companions, making do with the little they had. One day, they ran completely out of food. They had no money and no way to secure any.

Fr. Hofbauer then went into the church, knelt before the tabernacle and prayed. Then, with simple confidence, he walked up to the tabernacle, tapped on its golden doors as if knocking on the door of a friend, and said, “Lord, we are in great need; come quick and help us.”

A little while later, someone rapped on the door of the rectory. He was a total stranger, but for some reason, left a large sum of money that supplied their needs for a long time.

What possessed the stranger, unknown to Fr. Hofbauer, to come to his rectory and donate such a sum at that particular time?

Source: My Daily Eucharist, by Joan Carter McHugh, relating an excerpt from a piece in the December, 1984 issue of Immaculata Magazine, written by Rev. Armand Dasseville.


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