June 5, 2012

The True Account of Prisoner Claude Newman

Here is the dramatic conversion story of a man with no prior religious beliefs, who teaches priests and nuns some very beautiful lessons. There are points of proof built into the story itself.



2 Comments on The True Account of Prisoner Claude Newman

  1. Ethelyn on Sat, 18th Aug 2012 6:41 pm CST
  2. Thanks for sharing this. There is HOPE for everyone!

  3. Moira on Sun, 9th Nov 2014 10:28 am CST
  4. Yes thank you. Claude’s story should be known far and wide, and he should take his place alongside the children of Fatima (because of his prayers to our Lady for the fallen away abusive death row Catholic inmate whose miraculous medal converted him, by the vision of hell this inmate was given before being executed) and alongside St. Dismas, the “good thief” who died next to Our Lord on the cross, for showing God’s mercy even until the last moment of life is nearly gone. (One might also mention the story with Fr. Paul of Moll, the incorrupt Belgian Benedictine who told a family member who was in despair because a relative had committed suicide by jumping off a bridge into a river, that the person had time to tell God he was sorry before he hit the water and so was saved – very comforting thought to read for people we have prayed for who seem to die without apparent conversion. We don’t know what their last moments entailed so have to leave it in the hands and mercy of God.). Thanks

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