April 6, 2014

It Happened to Myself

The following account comes from St. John Vianney, popularly known as the Cure d’ Ars (1786-1859), known for numerous miracles:

“One day, two Protestant ministers came here, who did not believe in the Real Presence of Our Lord. I said to them, ‘Do you think that a piece of bread could detach itself, and go, of its own accord, to place itself on the tongue of a person who came near to receive it?’ ‘No. ‘ ‘Then it is not bread. ‘ There was a man who had doubts about the Real Presence, and he said, ‘What do we know about it? It is not certain. What is consecration? What happens on the altar at that moment?’ But he wished to believe, and he prayed the Blessed Virgin to obtain faith for him. Listen attentively to this. I do not say that this happened somewhere, but I say that it happened to myself. At the moment when this man came up to receive Holy Communion, the Sacred Host detached Itself from my fingers while I was still a good way off, and went off Itself and placed Itself upon the tongue of that man. “*

*Monnin, M. L’Abbe, Spirit of the Cure d’Ars (London: Burns, Lambert & Oates 1865), p. 34-35


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