April 6, 2013

Her Wait Was Finally Over

Imelda Lambertini was born in Bologna, Italy. At the age of 5, she asked to make her First Communion and receive the Blessed Eucharist. At that time, a child was normally not able to do this until he or she was 12 years old. Imelda’s request was declined. Sometime afterwards, she began asking her parents to join a convent. Again, she was extremely young, but her parents relented. At the age of 9, she entered a Dominican convent at Val di Pietra, near her home.

In the convent, she asked to receive her First Communion a number of times. Each time, she was reminded that she was too young. One morning, when she was 11, she went to Mass. She watched all the sisters go up and receive the Eucharist but had to remain in her place, as she had so often done before. The Mass ended and all the sisters left, but Imelda stayed behind to pray. She was alone in the church, except for the Sacristan, who was cleaning the altar. As she did, she happened to look at Imelda. She saw a light above her head and a Sacred Host suspended in the light. She immediately summoned the chaplain. He came and saw the same unusual occurrence. He understood its meaning. Imelda was then given her First Communion.

Afterwards, the prioress allowed Imelda to remain still longer, so she could offer prayers of thanksgiving as she wanted. The time for breakfast arrived and word was sent for Imelda to come. She was found still kneeling, with a smile on her face. When the message about the meal was given, she remained motionless. She did not respond at all. She had, in fact, left this earthly life.

The date this occurred was May 12, 1333. The body of St. Imelda lies today in the Church of San Sigismondo, in Bologna. It is incorrupt.


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