December 1, 2013

No Need for a Walker

Linda Callaghan reluctantly joined Paul, her husband, for Mass at Marytown on August 1, 1996. She felt the presence of Our Lord and Our Lady in a way she had not experienced since childhood. She made Paul bring her back the next day. And the next. Four days in a row she attended Mass at Marytown, and now she found herself unable to remain separated from the Eucharist.

On Saturday, August 4, 1996, Linda prayed, “Please hear me God. I’m so sorry for not having gone to confession. But I’m going to go up for Holy Communion anyway. Please forgive me. I want you so badly.” … “I had such a burning desire that I was actually sweating. I had no thoughts except my desire for the Eucharist.” Her eyes closed and her smile widened as she remembered the crucial event.

“And I inched to the end of the pew and headed up the aisle. I was near the altar as I realized that I had left my walker in the pew. And I was walking!”

Linda’s body froze upon discovering what was happening. “I just stopped, feeling trapped. I can still see myself glancing back over my shoulder. I was looking back at the pew, thinking about whether or not to head back for the walker. But I had to trust God, and I just kept walking towards the priest and that Eucharist, which I received. And I haven’t stopped walking since.”

(Taken from My Daily Eucharist II by Joan Carter McHugh, and an excerpt contained there by Carrie Swearingen from the March/April 1997 edition of Immaculata magazine.)


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