March 14, 2016

Not Necessary to Pray Any Longer

I was recently given a copy of Hidden Treasure by Louis Kazmarek (Plattsburgh, N.Y.: M.B.S.), and I came across the story in it (p. 98-99), of a priest named Aloysius Ellacuria, C.M.F. He founded the Missionaries of Perpetual Adoration. A young mother, who was suffering from cancer and told that she had not long to live, came to him one day in the 1970s. He took her into a chapel, to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. He asked her whether she believed Our Lord was present in the Eucharist and she answered that she did. Fr. Ellacuria told her that as Jesus healed the sick in his time as a man on earth, and as He is the same One who is present in the Host, they could ask Him to heal her as well.

They said a series of three Our Father’s, three Hail Mary’s and three Glory Be’s and were about to continue when the woman said, “Father, I don’t think it is necessary to go on—I feel healed.”

The next day X-rays were taken and they no longer showed the effects of the cancer. After some examination or tests, her doctor said that she had cells in her body, where the cancer had been, which were now the cells of a new-born baby.

Apparently, Fr. Ellacuria witnessed many miracles in his work in spreading devotion to the adoration of the Real Presence, this being but one of them.


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