April 8, 2017

Laon, France

A woman was possessed and a number of exorcisms were performed to try to rid her of the evil spirit. None worked. Finally, the bishop approached the woman with a Host. The spirit made a horrible cry and left the woman. The Host was removed and the devil returned. This repeated a number of times.

Then, the bishop made a command and the evil spirit replied. He confessed, “I acknowledge that here is truly the Son of God. He is my Lord. It pains me to confess it, but I am compelled to do so; yes, I will be obliged through the power of this Body to depart from hence.” The devil now departed a last time. He did not return again.

This occurred in Laon France in 1566 and was witnessed by thousands.

Source: Kaczmarek, Louis, Hidden Treasure, The Riches of the Eucharist (Plattsburgh, N.Y., Trinity Communications, 1990) p. 102 – 103.


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