March 28, 2013

He Knew What It Meant

“For almost fifty years, I never thought much about having any relationship with Mary. Then she reached down to me. A young man I knew had fallen into a coma. The doctors feared he would not survive, or if he did, would at least have permanent brain damage. I was praying for him during an adoration hour before the Blessed Sacrament. The church was empty. It was about 4:30 a.m. I had prayed to Jesus for over 30 minutes, imploring Him in every way I could. When I could think of nothing else to say, I begged the Blessed Mother to take my prayer to her Son. All at once, I heard ‘God.’ It was clear and distinct. Instinctively, I looked up and around, but no one else was there. Inside, I knew what it meant, that my prayer was being taken to God. A week later, the young man recovered. He had no brain damage and returned to a completely normal life. Recently, I began to read St. Louis de Montfort’s book on the total consecration to Jesus through Mary. At the end of the second to last chapter, he writes that she is an echo. When we say ‘Mary,’ she says ‘God.’ As soon as I read that, I stopped myself, and put the book down. St. Louis was right. That is exactly what she does.”*

On Holy Thursday, the Lord gave us Himself in the Blessed Sacrament, to stay with us after he left this life. The next day, He told John, “behold, your mother.” Who was John that he should tell him this? Who was John to her, other than a person, just like any other person? If she was a mother to John, then she is a mother to all of us. She is a mother to all of us for precisely the reason given in the story above – to take our prayers to Her Son. There, before the Lord still with us, a prayer was submitted, and a prayer was heard.

This Lent, let us trust that He hears all that we submit when we are in His Presence. Let us offer Him all the praise, honor and glory it is ours to give.

*The Miraculous Medal Magazine, Fall, 2011.


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