December 13, 2019

He Was Not Catholic

A woman signed up herself and her husband for a regular hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. The hour to which they had committed was quite late and the woman, at one point, stopped attending. The husband continued, alone. He was not Catholic.

It was on one night, in June of 2017 that he experienced something special. When he walked into the church, he saw an image inside the Host. He describes what happened:

“The host had two shades of blue, cobalt and ocean blue in a swirl, starting from the top left and circling around to a small dark round hole in the center, it was kind of like an eye of a hurricane that you would see on the weather channel from a satellite image. I thought it was some kind of reflection at that time, but I did switch side of the alter and noticed that the image slightly changed, but was still very strong and clear.

“2017 was a very difficult year, we had personal troubles, health issues, financial, career, family and friends passing, later that year two of my old friends that are in their 40s were diagnosed with stage four cancer. i kept on doing research throughout the year and believe that I saw the eye of Saint Michael, or maybe he was looking at me. I could be wrong, but I certainly saw something.”

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