December 6, 2016

The Boy with the Facial Deformity

Sister Briege McKenna was attending a Mass in a Latin American country. The people were poor. The Mass was being said outside, with an old table being used for the altar.

At the beginning of the Mass, Sister McKenna noticed a little boy. He had a “terrible facial deformity.”

At the end of Mass, the child’s mother came running up to Sister McKenna, with the boy in her arms. She wanted Sister McKenna to look at her boy. Sister McKenna did. The facial deformity was that had been there only a short time ago was now gone.

In the meantime, the Mass, the great celebration of the coming and the presence of the Lord among His people, had taken place. He had come. The boy was changed. The mother was ecstatic.

Source: McKenna, Briege, O.S.C. and Libersat, Henry, Miracles Do Happen (Cincinnati, Ohio, Servant Books, 1996) p. 60.


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