December 18, 2017

St. Gertrude and a Question on Routine

Once. just before St. Gertrude was to receive Communion, she wondered about the difference between people who received the Eucharist more often than others, and thought that priests would receive greater since they took Communion every day.

She then heard the Lord tell her it was true that people who received Him more frequently here on earth would receive benefit from this in the next life, but He also warned against merely receiving the Blessed Sacrament out of routine, saying, “There will be one reward for him who has approached with desire and love, there will be another for him who is very diligent in his preparation. But those who habitually celebrate through custom only, shall have no share in My gifts.”

Source: St. Gertrude, and a religious of her monastery, The Life and Revelations of St. Gertrude the Great (Charlotte, North Carolina, Tan Books, 2010) p. 205.


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