March 16, 2018

St. Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier has been called the greatest missionary since St. Paul. One of the places to which he travelled was Malacca in Malaysia. It was there that he once was called to the bedside of a 15-year-old boy who was very ill. He had lost his speech and was subject to convulsions. At the sight of the saint, the convulsions became violent. It was thought that the boy was possessed by a demon.

St. Francis read the Passion of the Lord over the boy and sprinkled holy water upon him. Before leaving St. Francis said he would say Mass for the boy on the following morning. St. Francis told the boy’s mother that, after that, once he was then able to get about, she should take him to Mass for nine consecutive days.

The following morning, during the Mass being said for the boy, he arose, fully recovered.

Shapcote, Emily Mary, Legends of the Blessed Sacrament (London, Burns & Oates) p. 65-66.


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