December 8, 2016

One Day Later

Roberta’s mom had a sore throat that was worse than a normal one and so she went to see her regular physician. He immediately sent her to a throat specialist. The verdict was quickly pronounced that this was not just a sore throat. She would need surgery, right away. Further, there was the possibility, even with the surgery, that she would lose the ability to speak. He wanted her to come back the very next day.

Upon leaving the specialist’s office, she headed straight to church, St. Rose of Lima, in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. The priest there, Fr. Harrity, blessed her throat, but also told her that, when she attended Mass the next morning, she should offer her reception of the Eucharist for this difficulty.

She did and then proceeded to the specialist. He once again looked into her throat but, in astonishment, proclaimed, “My God, you are healed.” He had seen convincing evidence of disease in her throat only one day before. Now, it was gone.

In the interval, she had received a blessing from a priest, but also, as he thought was very important, she had received the Eucharist.

Source: McKenna, Briege, O.S.C. and Libersat, Henry, Miracles Do Happen (Cincinnati, Ohio, Servant Books, 1996) p. 194.


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