December 16, 2015

The Multiplication at the Chapel

While on a trip to visit relatives, Rose Mary Danforth from Jacksonville, Florida decided to visit a Marion chapel in Champion, Wisconsin, about fifteen miles northeast of Green Bay Wisconsin.

The history of this chapel dates to 1859, the year of several apparitions of the Blessed Mother to a woman named Adele Brise. These apparitions have been formerly approved by the bishop of the Diocese of Wisconsin.

In 1871, the great Peshtigo Fire ravaged 1.5 million acres of northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, killing approximately 2,000 people. In little Champion, Wisconsin, residents gathered at the chapel. Adele Brise, now Sister Adele, and others processed with a statue of Mary around the chapel. The fence surrounding the chapel fire was singed, but the chapel itself was spared.

Over the years, there have been numerous reports of physical healings and other special events. The day that Rose Mary Danforth visited the chapel, she became witness to one herself.

At the time of her visit, a wedding crowd gathered and she decided to stay for the Mass. As the priest began the Liturgy of the Eucharist, he paused and then made an announcement. When he was at the rehearsal the night before, he had neglected to check the number of hosts available for the wedding. Now, he realized he did not have enough. The church was filled; people were standing in the aisles and the crowd even spilled over into the parking lot. The priest declared that, when the consecrated Hosts ran low, he would raise his hand to signal those in the next pew not to come forward.

Rose Mary went up and received Communion. Then people in all the other pews did the same; then those standing at the back of the church did the same; then those standing in the parking lot did the same. When the last person received Holy Communion, the priest had a big smile on his face.

Adapted from Proctor, Sister Patricia, O.S.C., 201 Inspirational Stories of the Eucharist (Spokane, Washington, Francisan Monastery of Saint Clare, 2004) p. 222. Additional source:


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