March 20, 2013

Something Came From the Sacred Host

A healing service was being held in Hawaii by Fr. Kelvin and Sister Briege McKenna. Sister McKenna was praying at the microphone while Fr. Kelvin processed down an aisle with a monstrance holding the Blessed Sacrament. They told the people to focus on Him as they prayed for healing.

One of those in the audience was a Mormon girl. She did not understand the teachings on the Eucharist but knew that the Catholics believed it was the physical presence of God.

As she looked at the Eucharist, she asked Jesus to ease the pain in her hands. She felt something come from the Sacred Host and go through her body. Walking out of the church, she nudged the Catholic friend who had come with her. She asked her friend to look at her hands. When they had come to the service, her hands were deformed. Now, they were healed.

Should we refuse to believe that this happened? Should we believe that someone who was not Catholic and who did not seek fame or notoriety on a reality show would lie about such an incident? Should we believe that this happening had nothing to do with the Sacred Host being carried in front of this girl?

This Lent, let us not refuse to believe. Let us trust in the mercy and goodness of Jesus, among us.

(Adapted from an account in My Daily Eucharist by Joan Carter McHugh, containing an excerpt from Miracles Do Happen by Sister Briege McKenna, OSC.)


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