December 16, 2018

If You Only Knew

From a letter from one priest to another:

“The greatest priest who ever lived would give the same homily each time, over and over, and it was just two lines. St. John Vianney would tell the people every Sunday: ‘if you only knew how much Jesus loves you in the Blessed Sacrament, you would die of happiness.’ Then pointing to the tabernacle, he would say, ‘Jesus is really there.’

“People came from all over France to hear him talk; and he would say the same thing every Sunday. So profoundly moved to the very depth of his soul at the realization of the love and presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, that when he pointed to the tabernacle … he would being to weep for joy.”

Source: McHugh, Joan Carter, My Daily Eucharist II, (Lake Forest, IL, Witness Ministries, 2004), entry for September 7.


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