December 3, 2019

Sister Maria Celeste

Sister Maria Celeste Crostarosa was born in Naples, during the year 1696. It was the same year as St. Alphonsus Liguori, also born near Naples. Their paths would later cross.

On April 25, 1725, she was a nun in a convent located at Scala, a town built on a steep slope overlooking the bay of Amalfi, about 20 miles south of Naples. After receiving Holy Communion that day, she received a vision. It was the Lord, who gave her instructions for a new order, the present-day Redemptoristine nuns. She received a clear understanding of all that was to be included in the rules for this new order and directed to write it all down. The purpose of this new order was to keep a memory alive in the world of all that the Savior had done for mankind.

Nearly 300 years later, the order continues to do that.

It began on a day still well-remembered, when Sister Maria Celeste received Holy

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