March 3, 2018

St. Peter of Verona And The Devil

St. Peter of Verona had a friend in Milan. Once when St. Peter came to see him, the reception he received was different than usual. It seems that his friend had found that the “truth” did not reside with the Catholic Church, but in Manichaeism. That religion believed in a world split between forces of good and evil, in which God was not all-powerful.

His friend had been to a Manichaean shrine where a person no less than the Blessed Virgin herself appeared and told him: “the real faith is here, not with the Catholics. I, the Mother of Jesus, am telling you this.”

Upon hearing this, St. Peter said that he too would like to like to go and see the Blessed Mother. He was taken to the place and a woman, acting as a medium, soon went into a trance. Then, the figure of a beautiful woman appeared before them on the altar.

It was at that moment that St. Peter held up a Sacred Host that had been consecrated at Mass earlier that day. St. Peter declared, “if you really are the Mother of God, then pay homage to your Son.”

The image immediately disappeared.

Source: Weible, Wayne, Medjugorje and the Eucharist (Hiawassee, Georgia, New Hope Press 2014) p. 91-92).


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