March 9, 2018

A Parish Transformed

In Ottawa, Ontario, in Canada, a newly assigned parish priest had difficulty attracting people to Sunday Mass. No matter what he tried, the most that he could get to come were 20-30 people.

He had compassion for those who did come. He felt they were suffering because they could not experience the peace and happiness of having brothers and sisters around them. He told his congregation this, but also told them there was always something that could be done. When nothing else avails, what recourse is there but to the Holy One. He told his congregation they needed to start Eucharistic Adoration. With such a small group to begin it, they begun it nonetheless.

After three years, the church was full on Sundays. Soon enough, nine boys from that parish had made the decision to commit the direction of their lives to the path of priesthood and had entered the seminary.

The parish had been transformed.

Source: My Daily Eucharist, by Joan Carter McHugh, relating an excerpt from a piece in Immaculata Magazine written by Cardinal Edouard Gagnon.


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