March 6, 2017


Rebecca lived in Lancaster, N.Y. While in her teens, she started going back to church, but had a question that lingered in the back of her mind – “is there really a God?”

At one point, she agreed to attend an overnight retreat in Olean, about two hours from her home. She had never been to an Adoration event before, but when the priest conducted the Benediction, and brought the Host out before those gathered in a school gymnasium, she says that she, “felt a chill through me, and I just got this overwhelming feeling, unlike anything I have ever felt before.”

She talks about how all her doubt was removed at that moment, and that she felt sad as she left Adoration, because she, “had never been happier.”

Source: “Adoration Changed My Life,” The Spirit of Adoration, ed. June Klins, Issue No.1, Erie, PA, July, 2008,


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