December 17, 2017

Chastity’s Speech

As a momentary departure from the lofty stories of St. Gertrude, today we offer something more down to earth. Previously on this site we have published a poem of dramatic beauty, written during adoration. Also, we have recounted how St. Eymard relied on Adoration before the Eucharist to help write his sermons. To those involved in these stories, there is real collaboration and aid that can be found before the Eucharist. They understand the Presence is much more than symbolic. To anyone who has difficulty trusting that ideas and writing can be framed better in the His Presence, the following story is offered as a further small corroboration.

Chastity was a student at Powers Catholic High School. Each year, they sent several representatives to Washington, D.C. for a public speaking competition. Chastity entered the competition as a sophomore and presented her speech. She was crestfallen. The judges told her she could try again next year, but she had do desire to do that.

Nonetheless, as the time arose, her mother suggested that she write another speech, this time in Holy Redeemer Chapel. They held perpetual adoration there and her mother told her, “You can write your speech before the Lord.”

Chastity went to the chapel, took over two pews in the rear and spread out her papers. Then, for the next four hours, she proceeded to write.

On their way home, Chastity’s mother told her, “Not to worry, you will be picked.” Chastity was skeptical, but her mother told her that she knew this was true, because Jesus had helped her.

Her mother was right. Chastity was picked this time. The experience helped Chastity, even at a young age, to understand the power of the Eucharist, and His concern for each one of us.

Source: Proctor, Sr. Patricia, OSC, 201 Inspirational Stories of the Eucharist (Spokane, Washington, The Franciscan Monastery of St. Clare, 2004) p. 84.


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