December 15, 2019

Sister Maria Celeste – Part IV

In the last account we gave of Sister Maria Celeste Crostarosa and her Eucharistic experiences related to the founding of a new religious order, she had just informed her spiritual and her superioress of these events. After that, Jesus appeared to her again, after Holy Communion, and told her the He would actually dictate the rule for the new order and that she was to write it all down just as He relayed it to her.

Her “spiritual father” had gone to Rome, but when he returned, she presented him with four pages that she had written, which contained this new rule. He then wrote to her a letter instructing her to burn the rule. He further denied her the ability to receive Holy Communion for a month and a half, no doubt believing she was being misled by deceitful spiritual forces, perhaps during periods of reflection after Holy Communion, or was given to flights of fancy. The letter did not reach her until after that month and a half had already passed.

Despite this initial resistance, the order of the Redemptoristine nuns was indeed formed. Moreover, it still continues to this day, almost three full centuries later. During that time, it has spread around the world on five continents. The rule for the order does in fact derive from the one which Sister Maria Celeste wrote down — as she was directed in His Presence.

Source: Miller, Fr. D.F., C.SS.R, and Aubin, Fr. L.X., C.SS.R, St. Alphonsus Liguori (Rockford, Illinois: Tan Books and Publishers, Inc., 1987) p. 48-49.


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