March 3, 2013

We Are Supposed to Meet

The following story was submitted by Letty:

I want to share a beautiful story about how two individuals in Marytown’s adoration program (Letty Medina & Mary Beth Rogers, Sat. 5 am) were brought together by the Holy Spirit. For many months we had both been going to daily mass. Sometime in July, 2008, I (Letty) noticed Mary Beth at the noon mass at Marytown and a strong thought ran through my head that I needed to meet her because she was going to be my friend. I reflected that my thought was a bit odd because I didn’t know who she was or why I noticed her out of all of the other people at mass but I felt a pull towards her. For about 6 weeks I continued to see her frequently at noon mass and the thought would always return that someday I needed to introduce myself to her. One Sunday evening I saw her at a local grocery store and again I felt an incredible pull towards her and I felt urged to meet her but I was afraid that she would think the meeting strange, so I didn’t. However, I was convinced from that point on that we were supposed to meet and that I would try to introduce myself to her that week at mass.

On Monday I saw her but she sat on the other side of church and she left before I did so we missed each other. On my drive back to work however, I noticed that the woman in the car in front of me looked like her and I knew instantly that she probably worked at the same company I worked at. Sure enough we drove back to work and she even parked in the same large parking lot where I park, although she was quite a walking distance from my parking space. I was amazed and knew that I had to meet her now.

On Tuesday, I went to mass full of anticipation about meeting her but when I looked for her going up to receive the Eucharist, I didn’t see her. I was very disappointed but I felt that I would have to be patient. After mass I stayed and prayed for a few minutes and when I was leaving the church, suddenly she was face to face with me and we walked out of the church at the same time! I finally had the courage to say hello and I said, “Hi, I’ve been wanting to introduce myself to you for quite some time since I see you going to daily mass and I have had a very strong feeling that we are supposed to meet”. I explained the odd chain of events leading up to that moment and how I had noticed that we worked at the same company. Then I said, “Do you mind my asking why you go to daily mass since it’s rather unusual to see other young people going to daily mass these days?” She hesitated only slightly and said, “It’s because of Medjugorje”. Well, I was able to tell her that I too had started going to daily mass after my trip to Medjugorje the previous year. Then she smiled and with tears in her eyes she said, “You’re probably not going to believe me, but I’ve been praying very specifically for the Lord to bring a friend into my life who has a love for Medjugorje – someone I can share my faith with”. Well, we were both deeply touched (goose bumps even) and were immediately aware of God’s hand in our meeting and knew that the Holy Spirit had been prompting me, an extrovert, to introduce myself to her, an introvert, for many weeks.

We immediately began to drive to noon mass together whenever we could and we took a trip to Medjugorje together within six months of meeting each other. We have become the closest of friends, and consider ourselves sisters in Christ. We’ve also started a weekly cenacle prayer group which focuses on praying the rosary from the heart and specifically praying for those who are in despair and hopelessness. We just celebrated 15 years of being weekly adorers at Marytown and have experienced more miracles and graces than we could have ever dreamed of because of God’s great love and generosity! It’s so amazing how God works in each of our lives when we let Him! Thank you Lord for answering Mary Beth’s prayer!


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