December 15, 2015

The First Procession

“On August 22, 1888, at 4:00pm, the first procession with the final blessing of the sick with the Blessed Sacrament took place in Lourdes. It was a priest who first proposed this pious initiative and since then it has never ceased. On this date, when the sick were blessed with the Blessed Sacrament before the grotto of the apparitions, Pietro Delanoy, who suffered from ataxia (an inability to coordinate voluntary muscular movements that is symptomatic of some nervous disorders which inevitably leads to death) for many years, was instantly cured when the tabernacle passed by during the procession. That was the first Eucharistic miracle that took place in Lourdes. From that very date, the Eucharistic procession for the sick has taken place without interruption.”

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