December 16, 2014

Jeanne Fretel

Jeanne Fretel was born on May 25, 1914. Between 1938 and 1946, she was operated upon seven times for tuberculous peritonitis and spent her life from one hospital to another. In 1947, her condition deteriorated further. She was emaciated, unable to get out of bed, needed strong doses of morphine daily and had a high oscillating fever.

In April 1948, the antibiotic streptomycin was prescribed, but by October, all seemed hopeless. Her fever and cachexia (wasting syndrome) were worsening. She was near death.

On October 5, 1948, she was taken to Lourdes, France. On her third day there, she received Holy Communion at the Mass for the Sick. Immediately afterwards, at the Grotto, her stomach had returned to normal, her fever and pains disappeared and a ferocious appetite overtook her. Suddenly, she could get up, walk and eat.

The next day, October 9th, the Medical Bureau verified the absence of signs, noted her weight of 44 kg. and asked her to come again. A year later, in October, 1949, the Medical Bureau noted her gain of 14 kg. and the continuation of her return to health. Considering those factors and the abrupt cessation of her fever and treatment with morphine, the Bureau concluded: “No explanation of this cure can be given. It is beyond the natural laws”.



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