December 9, 2013

St.. Catherine of Siena

Raymond of Capua, beatified by the Catholic Church in 1899, was the confessor of St Catherine of Siena. He tells of an occasion when he celebrated Holy Mass without St. Catherine being present. At the proper time after the Consecration he broke the Host, but instead of separating it in half, it divided into three parts, two large and one small. This small part, “whilst I was attentively regarding it, appeared to me to fall on the corporal, by the side of the chalice over which I made the fracture. I saw it clearly descend toward the altar, but I could not distinguish it on the corporal.” After searching in vain, Raymond continued with the Mass. Afterward, he carefully covered the altar and asked the sacristan to guard the surrounding area.

Hurrying to find Catherine, Blessed Raymond related the incident of the missing particle and voiced his suspicion that perhaps Catherine had mystically received it. Catherine reassured him with the words, “Father, have no further anxiety respecting the particle of the Sacred Host. Truly I tell you as my confessor and spiritual father, that the Heavenly Bridegroom brought it to me Himself and I have received it out of His divine hand .“

(Taken in almost complete part from Eucharistic Miracles, by Joan Carroll Cruz (Charlotte, North Carolina, Tan Books, 2010) p. 261-62.)


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