December 9, 2016

St. Lutgaard

St. Lutgaard made it a practice to receive Communion very frequently. At one point, her superioress forbade her from doing so. She could, of course, continue to take the Eucharist, but not nearly as often. The Saint obeyed and did as she was instructed.

From the moment the direction was obeyed, her superioress, however, became ill. She developed pains that were quite intense. After some time, the superioress feared the pains could be a chastisement for preventing St. Lutgaard from receiving Communion as she wished. The superioress withdrew her direction to St. Lutgaard and the pains ceased immediately thereafter.

Source: Mueller, Michael, C.S.S.R., The Blessed Eucharist Our Greatest Treasure (Charlotte, N.C., Tan Books, 2011) p. 130.


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