March 2, 2017

An Animal Sense

In 1995, Saint John Paul II was making a trip to the United States. He was going to stop in at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. Among the things he wanted to do was offer some time before the Blessed Sacrament in the seminary chapel.

In preparation for his visit, security personnel were tasked with conducting a sweep of the building to search for anyone with unkind intent. To aid in this search, highly trained dogs were brought in. They went through the classrooms, offices, hallways and other areas. Then they were brought into the chapel. They went up and down the aisles and then into a side chapel. They reached a certain spot and began to sniff, point and whine. They remained there, eyes fixed on one spot. Finally, their handlers commanded them to leave and they obeyed.

The one spot that had so drawn their attention – the Tabernacle.

Source: “Animals Know He Is There,” The Spirit of Adoration, ed. June Klins, Issue No.1, July 2008, Erie, PA,


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