March 8, 2013

A Teaching from Him One Day – Like Being Under the Sun

Sister Briege McKenna talks about “a teaching that came to me one day as I sat before the Lord.” She says that she did not have much to say that day. She told Him that. The she says, she “felt as though the Lord said to me, ‘Well, don’t you know that you don’t have to say anything to me? Just be with me. Come into my presence. It’s not what you do for me, it’s what I want to do for you.’”

Then she describes an image that came into her head. It was of a person who left his house and sat in the sun. As he sat there, he did not do a thing, but he started to change color. People who saw him knew he had been in the sun because his skin showed it. The man knew it too, because he felt the effects of the sun: the warmth and the light.

Then she heard the Lord saying, “So it is when you come into my presence. You will experience the effects of your time spent with me. People will see it in your actions.”

And so it must be. For how can a person spend time with the Lord Himself and not have it render some effect. This Lent, let us remember the warmth and the light. Let us spend time before it if we can or be open to it when we receive the Eucharist. Let it change us for others to see.

(Taken from an entry in My Daily Eucharist by Joan Carter McHugh, containing an excerpt from Miracles Do Happen by Sister Briege McKenna, OSC.)


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