March 15, 2016

The Woman Who Laughed

Once, I had occasion to see the Vatican International Exhibition on the Eucharistic Miracles of the World. Included in the events portrayed there was one that occurred in Rome, during a Mass presided over by Pope St. Gregory the Great in the year 595. The Pope and Saint was a witness himself to the event.

During Communion, a certain noblewoman came forward to receive the Eucharist. When he presented It to her, she laughed. He refrained from giving It to her and asked why she had laughed. Her reply was that the Host was just a wafer. She herself had taken part in making it and she knew it was only bread.

The Pope then stopped to pray for the woman, that she might be enlightened as to the Truth available to her, and asked those present to do the same. In the sight of many witnesses, the Host that was to have been distributed to her changed into flesh and blood. The woman cried and repented.

The Host itself has been preserved. It is housed, to this very day, near a Benedictine monastery in Andechs, Germany.



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