March 20, 2019

Arquata, Italy

In August, 2016, an earthquake rocked central Italy, including the town of Arquata, and including Our Lady of the Assumption church located in the town. It was not until a year and a half later, on February 27, 1018, when people were sifting through some of the rubble, that certain consecrated Hosts were found in the church.

The ciborium containing them, though overturned, was still inside the tabernacle. The lid was still on it. When the ciborium was opened, those present surprisingly found the Hosts in pristine condition.

According to the Italian daily newspaper Avvenire, the Bishop of Ascoli Piceno, Giovanni D’Ercole said: “A fresh baked aroma was still noticeable, which is very moving. It is a sign of hope for everyone. It tells us that Jesus also suffered the earthquake like everyone else, but he has come out alive from among the rubble.”

Fr. Angelo Ciancotti, of the Ascoli Piceno cathedral, said that the Hosts, had not undergone “any change in color, shape or scent.” He said, “there was no bacteria or mold as happens with hosts after a few weeks. Even though they were more than a year and a half old, they seemed to have been made the day before.”

In his opinion, “this prodigious and inexplicable discovery” is “a miracle, but above all a message for everyone: it is a sign that reminds us of the centrality of the Eucharist.” He added, “Jesus is telling us … ’I am in your midst. Trust in me.’”



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