November 29, 2016

Marie-Therese Noblet

Marie-Therese Noblet was born in 1889 and lived near Rheims in France. In August, 1904, at the age of 14, she was diagnosed with Pott’s disease, a form of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an infectious bacterial disease that is characterized by the growth of nodules in an affected area of the body. Pott’s disease involves tuberculosis of the spine, and can lead to the collapse of spinal discs, deformity and paraplegia.

Only one year after her diagnosis with this disease, Marie-Therese suffered from pain, deformity and paralysis on her left side. It was in this condition that she travelled to Lourdes, France in August of 1905. She attended the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament, where the sick commonly gather to perhaps receive the grace of healing from the Real Presence there before them. Leaving that area, she headed toward the Hospital of Our Lady of Sorrows but discovered, upon entering, that she no longer was in need of medical care. She had been cured spontaneously.

The next morning, she presented herself to the Office of the Medical Statements of Fact (a Commission charged with the authentication of cures at Lourdes) to demonstrate her healed state. For a year after this, her family doctor monitored her condition. Three years later, Cardinal Lucon, Archbishop of Rheims appointed a commission to examine her again. After receiving their report, the Cardinal declared her cure was miraculous.

A brief encounter with the One present in the Eucharist was enough to change the life of this young lady.

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