March 31, 2013

The Color was Her Answer

One year ago, on March 15, 2012, I left home to visit a very special place – Medjugorje in Bosnia – Hercegovina. There are countless stories of people who have had signs, spiritual gifts, and miracles take place during or after their visit to this small town nestled in a small mountain range in the former Yugoslavia. I am one of those people.

Our Blessed Mother has been visiting and making Herself physically present for over 31 years to six young people. Countless thousands of people have made the pilgrimage to this place; each with their own purpose and their own story. This place is a spiritual home to all people, all faiths, and those with no faith.

My first spiritual gift was the trip itself. In my heart, I absolutely knew that I was meant to go; that I was invited. One evening a few days into the trip, I heard a few of my fellow pilgrims chatting animatedly about the miracle of the sun that they had seen. I had earlier split from that group to tour the cemetery with another pilgrim. On hearing the news from the excited women, I was genuinely elated for them and not the least bit envious. My gift was the trip itself so I was most content. I did notice that the sunset had a beautiful periwinkle glow. The sun itself had already gone down. The next evening, I saw it with one of my fellow pilgrims and then saw it a number of times in the beautiful Medjugorje evenings.

Fast forward to May 2012…

I was driving home and saw the miracle of the sun on the way home from work. Since that time, I’ve been able to see it at sunrise and sunset whenever the weather, time, seasonal timing, and my schedule coincide. I pray very fervently to My Heavenly Family and I watch and enjoy the Gift. Each time is truly gift and I don’t take it for granted. I am grateful for these “Heavenly Kisses.”

I am a daily Communicant and will travel to different churches to fit my schedule whenever necessary. My Lord nourishes me and I look forward to my encounters with Him. This includes Saturdays when I go to Marytown for morning Mass.

This particular morning when I arrived at Marytown a bit early for Mass, I knew that if I could wait oustide for just a bit, I would perhaps receive my “Heavenly Kiss” for the morning. So as not to draw attention to myself, I stepped close to a sitting area with a covered bench and looked to see if it would occur again. . As I had hoped, Mother and Jesus didn’t fail me; They gave me a beautiful Heavenly Kiss. I lovingly lingered in those most precious moments, but knew that I had to go inside. For as much as I loved the Gift, I knew My King awaited me in Person just inside those doors. There is nothing in the world that is more sacred, more incredible, more fulfilling than sitting at My Lord’s Feet… except for receiving the totality of Him into my heart and soul at Communion.

As I stepped into the chapel proper, I was astonished at what I saw. At Marytown, the monstrance holding the Blessed Sacrament is located under a large domed structure, a baldachin. This particular morning, as I stepped inside, I saw the entire area beneath the dome bathed in the very same rose color as I see when I look at the sun. The light did not appear anywhere outside of the structure. I rubbed my eyes to be sure that I hadn’t suffered some form of residue from my encounter outside; I wanted to be very sure that I really knew what I was seeing. My eyes didn’t betray me; the rose was really there, just like I see it outside. I have not seen the rose color indoors since that time.

During one of my earlier Heavenly Kisses when I first started to see the rose color in addition to the beautiful blue that I had always seen, I asked My Family if the rose signified Jesus’ Presence – as in His Precious Blood and Water which was poured out for us when His Side was pierced with the lance. I had a sense this was so, but could not be sure. This was my answer. The rose lingered until just before Mass when Our Lord was taken from the monstrance. Mass was a most peaceful and loving experience that morning.

Submitted by Karen


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