March 14, 2019

Maria Domenica Lazzeri

Maria Domenica Lazzeri was born on March 16, 1815, in Capriana, Italy. For a year between the ages of 17 and 18, she fell ill, but began to help the sick, anyone who was in need, regardless of the epidemics that were prevalent or the danger to her own health.

When she was 19, she became bedridden. She began to eat less and less. Beginning at Easter, 1834, a doctor was called and began to record how much she was eating. During the course of the ensuing year, she progressed to the point where she consumed no food except the Holy Eucharist.

The following year, she received the Stigmata, soon to be followed by a mystical crown of thorns. Each Thursday, the Stigmata would reappear and on Fridays, she would relive the Passion, bleeding upwards from the feet, in ways that her doctor described as defying the laws of physics.

She is said to have a number of other extraordinary abilities, such as the knowledge of future events, the gift of bilocation, a capability in languages she never studied and the ability to hear and then repeat sermons said in a nearby Catholic church.

Her condition of being bedridden, as well as her sustenance on nothing but the Eucharist, lasted for the final 14 years of her life.



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