June 13, 2012

Our own Ray – Affirmation

The title of this website is a depiction of my friend Ray His perserverance, determination and insight has been an inspiration.

Ray – you are a great man with a great heart. Team 11 and all others whom have had the pleasure of knowing you, forever will be blessed!

Your brother,



3 Comments on Our own Ray – Affirmation

  1. TonyB on Wed, 13th Jun 2012 3:31 am CDT
  2. Ray, you continue to shine a bright light on the Path for so many!!!!

  3. JimT on Wed, 13th Jun 2012 4:02 pm CDT
  4. Ray, seeing the fruition of your good work–on behalf of your beautiful family first, and secondly, I hope, on behalf of your CHRP brothers of Team 11–is a testament to our choice of you as our spiritual leader. You have fulfilled that responsibility in so many and various ways since that magnificent weekend that is hard to describe. So it is my view that Our Good Lord will be accompanying you on your life journeys even more closely as the calendar turns. Bro Jim

  5. Chuck Rosenwinkel on Tue, 28th Aug 2012 8:52 pm CDT
  6. Ho! I would like to affirm Ray as the guy who has added the element of spirituality and community at a level beyond expectations. A guy who “gets it” and wants to share it. A guy who sees it, A guy who believes it, A guy who lives it…Team11 CR

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