November 28, 2016

The Television Cameraman

A television cameraman films a lot of scenes and stories that are then played for others. A certain man in Pennsylvania was a member of this profession. One day, however, a story was played for him – his own.

It was during Adoration of the Eucharist. It was reported that “every action he ever took – how he dealt with people, how he raised his children, his every action of every day – was brought up during the replay.”

The cameraman later met the Catholic author Michael Brown and informed him of his experience.

Noteworthy, of course, is the fact that this experience occurred during Adoration, in the presence of Christ Himself, for such things cannot plausibly be of human origin alone.

Source: Brown, Michael H., Secrets of the Eucharist (Goleta, CA, Queenship Publishing Co., 1996), p. 84.


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