December 23, 2015

There, Now You Can Sing

Madeleine used to go to daily Mass. Afterwards, she would go into a small chapel that was part of her church and, with no one else there, would sing hymns of praise to the Lord. He was not exposed as in Eucharistic adoration, but that did not matter to her. She knew He was there in the tabernacle all the same.

She also thought that perhaps His Blessed Mother was there, but was not sure. She had read a message supposedly from the Holy Virgin, as related by a visionary at Medjugorje. The message said, “I am wherever my Son is. He waits in every tabernacle, and I am there beside Him.”

One day, she awoke with laryngitis. She could make no sound except a raspy whisper.

She went to Mass as usual and then the chapel. She spoke to the tabernacle, telling Him that she was sorry but that she could not sing today. Then, she felt a presence “swoosh” next to her and felt a “warm softness” in her throat. She also heard a “lovely feminine voice” say, “There, now you can sing to my Son.”

Immediately, she could talk and sing. Her laryngitis was gone.

Adapted from: Proctor, Sister Patricia, O.S.C., 201 Inspirational Stories of the Eucharist (Spokane, Washington, Francisan Monastery of Saint Clare, 2004) p. 105.


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