February 25, 2013

A Healing At Mass

There is a Carmelite monastery in Naga City, Philippines. Fr. Robert DeGrandis celebrated a healing Mass there once. During his homily, he instructed people to look at the Blessed Sacrament during the elevation and pray for healing as they prayed for other people.

One woman, Nena Bichara, did just that. She had been suffering for three years from an enlargement of her thyroid gland. The doctors had recommended surgery as the only course of action. During the elevation of the Eucharist, she prayed for others, and also asked for her condition to be healed. As she did, she says that she felt a power. She knew that she had been healed and told her son. He asked her to be quiet, so that others would not think she was crazy.

After the Mass, she went to her doctor and had an examination. No trace of her problem was found. Three months later, she visited another doctor. He too found nothing.

(Adapted from an entry in My Daily Eucharist by Joan Carter McHugh, containing an excerpt from Healing Through the Mass by Fr. Robert DeGrandis, SSJ.)


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